Timeless Truth Bright – Translucent Radiance Superfine Face Mask

Hydrates skin for a fair and clear complexion.

Formulated with snail mucus extract with highly effective repair mechanism as well as Baobab tree extract for its outstanding hydrating performance, the Translucent Radiance Mask helps retain skin’s resilience, for a newborn-like skin that is supple and elastic.

Main Ingredients:

Snail mucus extract, Baobab Tree extract, Pore tightening complex, Tranexamic acid, Hyaluronic acid

Superfine mask by Timeless Truth is made with luxurious ultra-long cellulosic fiber from 100% cotton linter

suitable for the most sensitive skin. Because only the cleanest, purest part of the cotton can compliment your delicate, precious face.

Absolutely no adhesive or binding agents added. Combining ultra long fibers and artisanal craftsmanship, our Superfine mask is our purest creation yet.

So light, so fine, you can barely see it!

Because it is so light and so soft, it fits on your face like no other masks. Combined with the excellent serum retention quality, the serum can penetrate through even
the finest line and pores.You may not even notice that it’s there! But you will definitely notice the wonderful changes on your skin!

The one and only ultra-long fiber made from cotton linter in the world.

Remember, you ALWAYS have a choice.

Our superfine mask is like no other masks.

  •  No added fragrance or alcohol
  •  No added MI or Paraben, our masks use safer ways of preservation that meet standards of the European union
  •  Our formulas contain our dual ingredient soothing complex that has been designed for even the most sensitive skins.