“Life makes shapes. But it is in our hands to change it”

Viktoryia Rohal


I am very excited to offer this NEW treatment to you, it is very exclusive and unique. YOU will not get it anywhere else as it is one of a kind – SCULPTURAL FACIAL LIFTING Technique – the powerful medical-aesthetic and energy technique with osteopathic effect.

It is a COMBINATION OF SCULPTURAL FACIAL LIFTING TECHNIQUE with intra oral massage and BESPOKE FACIAL. It is an innovative and renowned technique offered by only a handful of facialists worldwide and I am proud to be one of them. I learnt this new technique with 2 different schools and one of them is the international school of Sculptural Facial lifting, the founder of each is YAKOV GERSHKOVICH, the author, creator and master trainer of this method. He is the God of facial manipulation and a sought-after teacher World-wide.

Before I go into details about the benefits of this treatment I want to say a few words about the dynamics of aging itself. There are lots of theories have been offered in attempt to understand it. Despite increased knowledge and research, however, a number of controversial issues remain a puzzle to experts. The Aging process is the result of multiple intrinsic factors that occur naturally over time and , extrinsic factors, including UV radiation, pollution.

The body, like any living organism, eventually wears out. And big impact on that is our lifestyle: poor diet, carrying extra weight, alcohol, smoking and the biggest one is STRESS.

The skin provides the body’s first means of contact with external world and is therefore the primary organ for sensory communication. The skin has the finely tuned ability to react to sighs of conflict and emotions, as well; as expressing our state of health, mood, and wellbeing.

People respond to stress differently. The longer the duration and the more intense the stressors, the more harmful the effects. As we age, achieving a relaxation response after a stressful event becomes more difficult, and overtime the systems in the brain that respond to stress can become inefficient. No one is immune to stress.

As a result over time our GIVEN SHAPE by nature – FACE and BODY is changed by the influence of personal emotional history. IN OTHER WORDS

“LIFE MAKES SHAPES. “ Feelings are the glue that hold our shape together.

By understanding this relationship between aging and emotions we can fight it better together.

My SIGNATURE FACIAL is the best way to improve your emotional state, relax the muscles responsible for certain emotions, release that tension and stagnation. Its like pressing an emotional reset button in your brain. PLUS you will get improved appearance, contoured jawlines and cheekbones, diminished lines and wrinkles YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING INSIDE AND ON THE OUTSIDE, and you will SEE YOUR AUTHENTIC BEAUTY AND be back to REAL beautiful YOU.

Sophia LOREN once said “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”

Sculptural facial lifting technique is not JUST a massage , It is a FINE ART which is created with love and passion and there is no the same alike . Its super powerful!

There are very few contraindications to the treatment and it is absolutely fine to have it done, if you have botulinum toxin injections or fillers.

In fact, it will help for the filler , as an example, to go nicely into the treated area and look more uniform and in balance with the rest of the face , as all fascial tension pockets will be relaxed, something that cannot be done with canula as there are danger zones which has to be avoided , hence left untreated and have that fascial stagnation.

This technique is praised by celebrities , actors, beauty bloggers and it is fav treatment of MEGHAN MARKLE, for an example.

A course of 8-10 treatments is recommended.

Once per week for ladies.

Twice per week for gents

Maintenance – once a month.

You are guaranteed the best in bespoke every time you have the treatment whether you want an instant radiance or a complete facial transformation.

“Every treatment that Viktoryia offers is one with attention to detail. I had Sculptural Face Listing Massage once before & then found Viktoryia nearer to home. I can honestly say you will notice the difference in tone, lift & smoothness. I exercise the rest of my body & it responds, it’s hard for me to exercise my face, but with Viktoria’s hands she certainly has the ability to help my facial muscles to tone & have an effect. I would recommend this treatment.”

Adele M