World expert in facial masks

At Viktoryia Health we are proud to stock Timeless Truth Masks.

Timeless Truth Mask (TTM) offers the ultimate masking experience and once you have tried our masks you will surely recommend to others. As the world’s experts in sheet mask technology, TTM prides itself in research and continuous improvement.

They set new and higher standards for the quality of our sheet masks to ensure you are using the most advanced results orientated skincare treatments available.

“During lockdown I had noticed how dull my skin was becoming. I applied the bright radiance mask. Firstly I noticed how much product there was in the mask itself and how easy it was to apply. When I removed the mask I used the excess product for my neck and hands. I was really impressed with the results, my skin looked brighter and had a lovely glow. Can’t wait to try more of these masks from this brand.”

Tracy W.

“I have had the pleasure to use the Timeless TRUTH masks. They are very easy to use, with the added benefit of having some relaxing time whilst they do their magic. My skin feels soft and moisturised afterwards. The masks seem to make your complexion firm and hydrated for days after.”

Amanda C.

“The Timeless Truth Masks from Viktoryia are just amazing. They are feeling lovely on the skin and are really refreshing. My skin looked brighter, beautifully hydrated and my “nose to mouth” lines look less deep. Just Incredible. I really recommend them. You can buy them individually or in a pack of 5 with nice facial clothes included. An ideal Christmas present.”

Margaux A.