What is Pressotherapy?

Lymphatic drainage with the help of computer controlled pumps is called Pressotherapy. Presso stand for “pressure” — pressure therapy is proven to be effective through extensive clinical trials for the treatment of angiology, cosmetic and sports therapy, physiotherapy and beauty treatments. Pressotherapy entered cosmetology from the medical field. It enjoys growing demand due to it’s high level of effectiveness in treating cellulite, puffiness and skin flabbiness.

Pressotherapy is a painless, non-invasive, detoxifying treatment that promotes the body’s natural function. Some research has shown that one pressotherapy massage is worth 20-30 traditional manual massages.

Pressotherapy or pressure massage actively impacts the lymphatic system and evacuates excess liquids and accumulated toxins. It helps restore lymph flow and venous blood flow, improving the nutritional process and tissue cleansing. This mechanical massage provides a significant health improvement based on two mechanisms; 1.1.Physiological tissue drainage 1.2.Healing processes Pressotherapy works to improve circulation and it complements other treatments which help eliminate toxins, cellulite, varicose veins and many more cosmetic issues, achieving great results in body contouring and slimming.

How does Pressotherapy work?

A computer controlled compression system inflates individual sections of a special multi-chambered garment, forcing toxins and fatty deposits into the circulatory system. This enhances extra-cellular fluid clearance increasing venous flow (blood flow to the heart) the toxins are then naturally flushed by the body through the lymphatic system.

Pressotherapy results

Pressotherapy is great for problems such as; water retention and getting the perfect lymphatic drainage, through which accumulated toxins and fat can be eliminated. Through effective lymphatic drainage, pressotherapy helps promote the body’s natural cleansing functions. The revitalisation and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and re-define the legs, buttocks, arms and abdomen, the client will also feel relaxed and more energised.

The stress and strain of modern life has highlighted the role of pressotherapy massage as part of an overall beneficial plan for maintaining good health and preventing many major illnesses. Pressotherapy massage is an excellent treatment for dramatically improving lymph circulation, assisting in draining harmful toxins out of the body as well as greatly improving the immune system and enabling it to defend itself against foreign invaders by completely natural means. Pressotherapy will also assist the client in creating true relaxation before stress becomes chronic and damaging.

Pressotherapy can increase personal energy and vitality and enhance the ability to enjoy life.

The Benefits of Pressotherapy Treatments

  • Pressotherapy is recommended to improve sluggish lymphatic drainage
  • Treatment and prevention of cellulite in conjunction with other treatments
  • General detoxification of the body
  • Weight loss -Body shaping and toning
  • Pressotherapy is an effective method to treat and to prevent varicosity due to antispasmodic and vessel-dilating action
  • If the client is suffering discomfort or fatigue as well as fluid retention -Treating circulatory problems and lymphatic drainage disorders
  • Oedemas including postoperative
  • Effective prevention of thrombosis
  • Stiffness in the legs -Heavy tired, itchy legs or feet
  • Leg swelling and pain associated with obesity or prolonged standing
  • Sports or walking activity side effects
  • To diminish inflammation and relieve rheumatoid arthritis and discomfort
  • For a client suffering from lack of energy and experiencing fatigue, the pressomassage provides good relaxation and by the end of the session the client feels relaxed and rejuvenated throughout their whole body
  • Clients suffering from constipation and digestive problems
  • Clients suffering from lymphedema of the lower extremities, post surgical conditions, pre- and post- phases of surgery including cosmetic, benefit greatly from pressotherapy to aid recovery time
  • The old and the weak -pressotherapy massage normalises the water balance for women in their early pregnancy to relieve leg pain and puffiness
  • Pressotherapy is also used to create deep relaxation to aid insomnia, reduce stress, improve loss of vitality and even reduce memory problems
  • Relieves chronic and subcutaneous inflammations including sinusitis and bronchitis
  • Pressotherapy relieves chronic pain
  • Lessens telangiectasis (capillary distention/swelling)
  • Provides immediate leg comfort and lightness
  • Assists in kidney functions (poor filtration hydro saline imbalance can lead to possible accumulation of large quantities of water in the tissue)
  • Assists in healthy heart function (problems can lead to tapered oedemas because of an inadequate pumping effect)
  • Assists in premenstrual oedema (Oedema during pre menstrual periods are linked to the fluid retaining effects of estrogen and progesteron) Pressotherapy during periods can quickly solve the problem
  • Migraine and sinus problems, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Improves poor skin tone and reduces bags under the eyes
  • Improves loss of muscle tone in immobilised and disabled clients -Increases mobility
  • Helps prevent venous stasis (stagnation of the blood flow in veins/capillaries, improves blood flow and oxygenation)
  • Pre and post liposuction treatment
  • In sports, pressotherapy is highly recommended to enhance muscle relaxation and to relieve muscle tension caused by intensive sports activities and to aid recovery from sports injuries.

Pressotherapy is a good and safe way to lose bodily toxins and boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also aids in transporting bodily fats from the metabolism. The benefits of this procedure are necessary for more and more people these days since they have less time to exercise. Exercise should be a part of everyone’s regime in order to maintain good circulation and drainage in order to effectively clear out accumulated toxins to maintain a healthy body and general well being.

Pressotherapy for cellulite treatment

Cellulite, the lumpy fat deposits, prominently visible in the thighs, knees and upper arms, can be a major source of embarrassment, especially for women. Several treatment options are available which can help to shed that extra fat. Pressotherapy can help a client get back in shape by improving lymph circulation. A major cause of cellulite build up is decreased lymph circulation. Lymph contains white blood cells and helps flush the fluid waste from the body as well as supplying the cells with the nutrients they require.

Circulating lymph means healthy white blood cells, the precursor to a healthy immune system. If it does not move freely through the body, toxin and fat deposits will continue to build up and deprive cells of nutrients, eventually resulting in cellulite. In order to eliminate cellulite the primary step is to get the lymph moving, also ensuring that all waste fluids are expelled from the body. Pressotherapy is an excellent treatment option for cellulite reduction by improving lymph circulation to help eliminate fats and toxins throughout the body.

By applying a particular amount of air pressure, this massage stimulates muscles to propel the lymph flow through the lymph vessels towards the lymph nodes and lymph ducts after which the lymph re-enters the thoracic ducts and is drained from the body. The drainage triggered by pressotherapy eliminates the deposits of toxins and fat, thereby reducing cellulite.

Pressotherapy Client Aftercare

After your treatment it is very important to stay well hydrated, the lymphatic drainage process releases toxins and by hydrating the body one enables the detoxification process to go more smoothly. Clients may feel they need to urinate more initially — this is a good sign as it demonstrates the excess fluid is being released from the body. Due to it’s detoxifying effects after the first couple of treatments some people may experience tiredness, headaches, slight nausea or flu-like symptoms. This should not last any more than 24 hours and is greatly reduced if plenty of water is consumed. A feeling of profound relaxation is experienced after the treatment and an increase in energy levels may be felt.

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